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  1. Sign up for the HustleGreen Business Course
  2. Follow Step-by-Step instructions in the Course to create your own MMJ Start-Up
  3. Complete assigned tasks in Course and Advance by passing tests (use forum for help)
  4. Finish Course and request Certificate of Completion


  1. If funding is desired we will send you prepatory instructions for pitching
  2. Submit Certificate of Completion to our Partner Investment Firm and get Verified
  3. Sign up to Pitch at the next Round of Funding!

Building Your Profitable Marijuana Business: Step #1

Uncovering The MOST Profitable “Green” Idea!

Obviously, if you’re reading this message you’re either a marijuana enthusiast, activist or budding entrepreneur who knows that the marijuana industry right now is a pure goldmine of opportunity.

Maybe in the past you’ve had a few business ideas but they never panned out.

Or maybe you simply hit a mental block in which you could never think of any profitable ideas.

No matter your situation, in the Hustle Green Membership, we’ll instruct you on how to build your very own $2000+ per month marijuana business from scratch. But FIRST you must come up with a winning idea, and we’ll show you 5 powerful methods to generate at least 10 problem-solving ideas that the marijuana industry is currently facing.

Once you’ve generated those ideas, we’ll whittle down those ideas to reveal the true “Cash Cow” idea that’ll not only bring you the most profits in this exploding industry, but also the winning idea that you’ll have the most fun with. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing in business, how are you going to wake up every single day and want to work and profit from it? It should be FUN!

Lastly, we’re going to put you through our ‘weedpreneur’ bootcamp called: “Failing 101”. This is put in place for you to make sure that you get the most success possible out of your business idea. You’ll discover how to modify and “tweak” your business structure as well as how to develop skills that’ll make you and your company a true force that can’t be stopped. Many students who’ve been through this bootcamp alone said it’s worth the price of the entire course!

Remember, your marijuana business should be like a well-oiled machine,
with all the right working parts, and one that’s the most efficient possible. When it’s
setup and “tweaked” correctly, you’ll have a cash-generating machine that can
pump out $2000, or even much more, every single month!

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Building Your Profitable Marijuana Business: Step #2

You Must VALIDATE Before You Create!

Do you know why the vast majority of ANY single business ever fails?

Because budding entrepreneurs create a product, pump in a LOT of money into it, and then put it out on the market HOPING that it’ll take off.

But guess what?

The majority fail!

The REAL SECRET to building a successful business online, offline or even in the marijuana business is to learn how to VALIDATE your business idea before you ever create it. So what do I mean by “validate” exactly? It’s simple. You want to make sure that people actually want to rip open their wallet, and actually want to BUY what you have to offer them.

When you get concrete proof that people will buy your product or service,
then you’ll know that you’ve got a real, and profitable, winner!

The secret to finding a winner is learning how to tap into buyers wants, needs and priorities and putting real solutions in front of them to help solve their problems.

In our building a $2,000+ per month marijuana business course, we aren’t going to simply bombard you with a ton of lecture material and expect you to remember everything. No.

We understand that the KEY to your success is TAKING ACTION and IMPLEMENTING what we teach to you.

And we’ll make sure you validate ALL your business ideas first to see if they’ll
be a success or not. The good new is, we’ll not only show you the quickest ways to
validate your marijuana business ideas, but also learn how to do so without
wasting a lot of cash or energy during the entire validation process!

Plus, we’ll show you a ton of REAL business validations and how their initial ideas, using the powerful techniques we’ll show you, turned into massively profitable businesses for them. And we’ll give you exclusive access to our MEMBERS ONLY Marijuana Entrepreneur Group to help you network with other entrpreneurs who are in the same boat as you, so you can brainstorm ideas, ask questions, get feedback, and even pursue potential customers.

If you ever get stuck along the way, our amazing team will be here to help you. We aren’t going to just give you this information then bail on you!

Our #1 goal with this entire course and membership is to help you succeed!

By the end of this process, you’ll come away with a VALIDATED BUSINESS IDEA that can earn you a lot of cash every single month! The feeling will be truly exhilarating, we can assure you!

Building Your Profitable Marijuana Business: Step #3

FINALLY Hitting The $2,000 Profit Milestone!

At this point, you’ve narrowed down your idea, and most of all, you’ve actually validated it with REAL PROOF that people want to buy it. When you’ve reached this point, now all you have to do is start to transform your idea into a legit business.

Does this mean that you go register your own LLC and start printing out really cool business cards to show off to your friends. NOPE!

These are things you don’t need, in fact, they’re only distractions at this point, so ditch them.

The MOST VITAL thing you must do in this stage of
the game is to get more customers. Period.

You’ve already validated your idea and know that it can be profitable, so it only makes sense that now all you need to do is to expose it to more people who want to buy it.

More customers = more profits for your pockets! It’s a no-brainer.

Earning $2,000 per month is just the beginning of the game. The no-cost marketing techniques we’ll show you will let you SCALE UP your business to the masses to explode your profits. This can turn your $2000 per month business into something MUCH larger when done correctly!

Once your business is finally fine-tuned, and you’re driving targeted prospects
to your business 24 hours a day automatically, you’ll have the potential to
literally make money while you sleep.

Imagine waking up every single day and opening your email to discover you’ve made more money overnight than you did working an entire week or even an entire MONTH at your old job.

Quite a feeling huh? It’s totally possible, and we’ll show you how in our Hustle Green membership and course!

“Are You Ready To Build Your Own $2,000+ Per Month Marijuana Business…
In As Little As 60 Days?”

If you’re ready to actually create a business that you’ll actually love to do, and you’re ready and willing to take action on all the steps we tell you, then your dream of owning your own profitable marijuana business is only a few clicks away.

HG Chick

If you put in the time, we can guarantee your business will bring

in at least $2,000 per month like clockwork!

Take the 60-Day Challenge

When you subscribe to the monthly Hustle Green membership and course, besides getting all the information and steps you’ll need to create
your very own business, you’ll also receive…

Here’s Just A Few RAVING Testimonials; Stories From Current Successful Members…

Personalized Support That’ll Be There For You!

We understand that you may have some questions or issues when it comes to our self-guided course. That’s why we’ll be here for you personally anytime you need us to answer your questions.

Access To An Amazing Community of People Just Like You!

Being a “weedpreneuer’ by yourself can not only be lonely, but also work against you. Being part of a community of people who are trying to succeed just like you are can be a huge boost to your own morale and motivation, but also your overall success. You’ll get access to a full community of people who can help you, give you feedback or even give you great success tips to speed up the processs!

Unlimited Lifetime Access From Any Internet Device!

That’s right, once you’re a member, you’ll get UNLIMITED lifetime access to everything we offer. And the good news is, you can access our members area not only on your computer, but also on your own tablet or Smartphone. You never know when motivation and inspiration can strike…we’ll be one click away!

“Join Us Right Now and Get Your Own $2,000 Per Month Marijuana Business Off The Ground!”

Now for as little as only $1.15 per day, you can invest in yourself and build a business that can not only create amazing profits for you, but give you the personal freedom to live life on your terms! Everything you’ll need to get started from scratch will be revealed to you.

If you were to try and do all of this on your own, you could spend months
and still fail. And if you bought other “how to” courses, the cost could easily
be in upwards of $500 to even $3000!

Only $1.15 per day…that’s about as much as you’d spend on a soda, coffee or snack. That’s pretty small considering how this information can transform your financial life and happiness!

Join Our 60-Day Challenge Right Now

If you can commit ONLY 30 MINUTES per day in the How To Make a $2,000 a Month Marijuana Business course, you can easily complete our 60-day challenge and make some real profits. If you’re too lazy, or don’t want to take action, you can go and try other books and see what happens.

This is a RARE Opportunity, Unlike Any Other Time In The
History of the Marijuana Industry, To Profit Like Gangbusters!

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