Cheeba Chew Review!

Cheeba Chew 70mg Sativa Review

Cheeba Chew 70mg Sativa is the edible that I’ll be reviewing today.

This was found at a local dispensary called Green Mart in Long Beach, CA. <Many other dispensaries on the West coast will carry this powerful edible. It won a 2011 High Times award for edibles. I decided to evaluate it based on taste, duration, physiological effects, psychological effects, and suggested usage.

Cheeba Chews consist of sugar and chocolate, so not surprising, they taste a lot like fudge laced with hash oil. The hash taste isn’t too pronounced, but a good glass of water/milk will help it go down if you don’t prefer to have breath similar to the smell inside Cheech Marin’s car. A great application of this may be to let it sit out like a stick of butter, maybe even double-boil it in a bowl and spread it onto bread or a muffin (if you haven’t eaten prior to ingestion). I had some light food prior to taking the dose. Moreover, I have only ingested cannabis only on occasion for pain management. I am very much a novice when it come to more powerful creations, such as this.

[Cue sativa onset] We at Hustle Green love this tiny, chocolatey bit of sticky icky. The ol’ boy Rick James would have enjoyed this to the utmost. I was curious about the medicinal efficacy being split into 2 doses of 35mg each. After about an hour into ingesting half the treat, I started to get a good numbing sensation in my lower back. This is an excellent sensation because I have fractured discs! My euphoria set in after that and normal speech and function became elongated. There’s a lot of pasta for dinner…no leftovers shall remain.

[Massive 10 hour sleep in between]

Waking up after a significantly THC-induced coma, I felt refreshed and ready to start the day. A slight bit of cottonmouth was quickly cured with 2 glasses of water. There was no increased appetite, but last night, eating some extra portions after dinner was a necessity. During the hour or so after the Cheeba Chew took effect, I experienced a rush through the more negative emotional spectrum: Paranoia, nervousness, self-questioning, self-examination, etc. After that, hit the rack and fell into a deep, deep sleep. No particular dreams were had (that I could remember), but rejuvenation was definitely on the menu. Bottom line, if you ingest a sativa Cheeba Chew, you had better already have some “time on the stick” with strong edibles. I only took half of it, and it sent me right to sleep. I have high hopes for you consumers out there that you know exactly what to do with your own bodies. A great amount of medication and alleviation of pain awaits you once you get past the rush of an larger dose.

Anthony Chioccarelli



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