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    Hey everyone, I am looking to build a skill set that is relevant to the construction of top notch grow rooms, green houses, etc. I’ve already studied permaculture and a few other sustainable design methods, so I’m pretty much familiar with how to do irrigation and site design for outdoor, as well as basic design of greenhouses. But I honestly have ZERO experience doing electrical work, very little experience in construction, and I’m not familiar with what measures need to be taken to sterilize an indoor grow spaces, so that is where I could use the most help, as I’m getting started.

    I have an idea to create a business that provides the service of designing and installing highly efficient grow facilities for clients ranging from professional Mom & Pop shops to commercial grows in legal states. While there are many companies that have probably been doing this for a while, I really want to offer something different. The recreational and MMJ growers are familiar with the criticism that indoor grows use vast amounts of energy. I really like outdoor and greenhouse products, but I also enjoy quality indoor, and I want to partner with people that are focused first and foremost on maximizing the efficiency of indoor grows and lessening their carbon footprint. Customers will always pay more for an innovative design if there are numbers to demonstrate that it is more cost-effective, green, etc.

    Now that solar chips are decreasing in price, for example, how about figuring out a hybrid system so that MJ growers are not using so much energy from the central grid (which is powered by coal, other fossil fuels, and nuclear—–wind, too, but to a lesser extent), but rather manufacturing usable energy from the sun just like outdoor and greenhouse grows, but using it to produce denser product with higher cannabinoid content. The added value selling points could even include stealthiness (no energy supplier watching your usage—these guys can monitor your light cycles & they know when and where you’re about to harvest) and sustainability. Having an eco-friendly grow that is immune to price fluctuations in the fossil fuel market will ensure that growers have a steady supply of guilt-free, top quality MJ.

    Anyone have interest in something like this? If any of you have experience in electrical work, construction, solar power, growing, etc., I’d be grateful for your feedback. If anyone is willing to share their skill set, I’d love to learn more firsthand so that I have technical and theoretical tools to develop a functional business plan.

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    ok let me start off by introducing myself my name is jon sweets, nice to meet you! OK now that we got that out of the way, I have the skill set for which you are inquiring and have been contemplating this very same.. how should I put, “fantasy”, for several years unable to legally conduct this sort of business. OK, wait, listen I can write books to you right now why don’t we discuss this further over the phone, give me a call somehere between 4pm – to 7 pm on weekdays and 9am – 3 pm sat.,at 562-240-8241 ask for jon I am interested in what you can offer or should I say bring to the table.? Thank you have a good day!

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