Marijuana Dispensaries Coming to Boston & Additional MA Towns


Medical marijuana was first approved in Massachusetts on a 2012 ballot question. The process of approving and developing the necessary dispensaries has been notoriously slow ever since that time, however. This has made it difficult for patients to access medical marijuana or even get a medical marijuana card, and some have instead opted to merely get a physician’s written note of approval. Recreational marijuana is not currently legal in Massachusetts, although it has been decriminalized.

All dispensaries must apply to the United States Department of Public Health (DPH) to get approved in Massachusetts. Twenty dispensaries were given a temporary license to operate in January after evaluation by the DPH, although the original number of applicants was 100 and 9 more have been disqualified since.[1]

One of the dispensaries accepted is Patriot Care Corp, which describes itself as “the premier provider of alternative healthcare services and products for qualifying patients in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”[2, 3] Patriot Care will open a dispensary in Boston, Greenfield, and Lowell, Massachusetts, in addition to dispensaries they currently operate in Arizona and Washington, D.C.[1]

The Lowell cultivation facility will use a greenhouse-type room and also provide marijuana for the sites in Boston and Greenfield.[4] Additional marijuana facilities will also be created in Fairhaven and Tauton by two of the other dispensaries that received clearance from the DPH, Coastal Compassion and MassMedicum.[1]

Responding to the news, Lowell City Manager Kevin Murphy commented “It’s a huge win,” adding that the facility in Lowell may help with jobs and tax revenue. Many other individuals living in Massachusetts have also felt that active dispensaries “have been a long time coming.” [1]

Or as in the Collie Buddz song, “Finally the herbs come around.”




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