The Top Five Marijuana Webcasts

The Top Five Marijuana Webcasts

Marijuana Webcasts     Marijuana-themed shows have recently undergone an upsurge in popularity in new Internet formats such as webcasts and podcasts. For some audiences these programs are more appealing and accessible than TV shows or movies, because the content is free to view or listen to at any time and through any Internet device. The following shows have been especially successful in tapping into marijuana culture, business, and legalization advocacy.

5. Getting Doug With High

Getting Doug With HighGetting Doug With High is a laid-back interview-style show hosted by comedian and actor Doug Benson. Along with its humorous title the show also makes a point of beginning at 4:15PM to make time to prepare for 4:20, giving an indication of its marijuana theme. Guests talk with Doug, get a chance to check out new marijuana products, participate in question games, and have a magic trick performed for them near the end of the show. Among notable episodes are guests Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm from Comedy Central’s sitcom Workaholics. The fact that the Workaholics characters are based on the real personalities of Adam, Blake, and Anders makes for a very entertaining interview when the guys sit down to chat with Doug. Other notable guests have included Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong of the 70s comedy act Cheech & Chong, actor Jack Black, and comedians Sarah Silverman and David Cross.


4. Double G News Network

Double G News NetworkThe well-known hip hop musician Snoop Dogg hosts the Double G News Network (GGN), a show where he interviews musicians and celebrities, and promotes his current music and clothing brands. The topic of conversation often naturally drifts to marijuana, in part because hip hop and rap musicians have now begun to market their own line of smoking products and even marijuana brands. Snoop often expresses his support for legalization in these interviews, a position that can have considerable influence given his status as a public figure (he is often also recruited for marijuana movements and movies). In addition to news on culture and marijuana, GGN conversations can also be simply hilarious at times, such as in an episode where the actor Seth Rogen displays his technique for rolling “cross joints,” and where Snoop reveals that the marijuana term “chronic” originally came from mishearing the word “hydroponic.”


3. The Smoke Box

Cypress Hill B-Real Smoke BoxThe comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently created a humorous web series called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Cypress Hill front man B-Real’s Smoke Box is another conversation show that takes place in a car, but this time a stationary one that quickly becomes hazy. Although episodes are short in length, the conversations are often packed with information, insights, or jokes. B-Real has invited hip hop guests into the box like Snoop Dogg, Lil Debbie, Redman, and Method Man. Guests associated with marijuana legalization have included Dr. Dina, an expert cannabis consultant who opened Southern California’s first medical marijuana doctor’s office in 2003, and Bianca Barnhill, a West Coast consultant for High Times magazine, producer, and activist who has even developed a marijuana strain called “IVXX.” B-Real, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, and Barnhill have also appeared as a group on a High Times-related web series called Mt. Kushmore, where the four artists are pictured on a Mt. Rushmore rising above a forest of marijuana plants.


2. The Joe Rogan Experience

The Smoke BoxThe Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), hosted by comedian Joe Rogan with assistance by comedian Brian Redban, is a podcast that has become widespread in popular culture. In each episode guests are invited to have a long-form conversation with Joe that often lasts 2 or more hours, and which has included a range of individuals such as comedians, fighters, musicians, activists, celebrities, philosophers, and scientists. Marijuana legalization is a recurrent theme in the episodes, with many conversations dealing with the opportunities to be had in the marijuana business as it becomes legalized, and possible ways legalization can improve society such as through taxes put to public uses. One notable guest has been Adam Scorgie, the creator behind the marijuana documentaries The Union and The Culture High. The JRE is unique in the amount of exposure it can give to new concepts and figures, and is a major part of the modern marijuana culture.


1. The Chong and Chong Show

The Chong and Chong ShowThe Chong and Chong Show is a play on words of host Tommy Chong’s earlier comedy act Cheech & Chong. Cheech & Chong was a classic marijuana-influenced comedy and music routine in the 70s and 80s with co-star Cheech Martin, which included live shows, feature films, and comedy albums. In a time before widespread comedy about marijuana, the duo played a foundational role in spreading marijuana culture and had a lasting influence on marijuana comedy that continues to this day in hits like Harold & Kumar, Friday, and Pineapple Express. Now 76, Chong continues to produce content that remains relevant, entertaining, and informative. He is a strong supporter of legalization, and especially the medicinal uses of products such as cannabis oil, which he has personally used to alleviate some symptoms of age-related health conditions. While his early work was almost exclusively humor, Chong now also adds his reflections to the mix, becoming an insightful and humorous commentator on marijuana culture and the future of legalization.

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